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Deadly South Carolina accidents down, except for upstate

There is some good news for many South Carolina residents: according to a recent report from Governor Nikki Haley and the Department of Public Safety, the number of fatal car accidents occurring on the highway system is down in most parts of the state. Bucking a nine percent national upward trend in fatal car crashes during the first six months of the year, South Carolina has shown a six percent decrease.

According to the report, there have been 649 fatalities on South Carolina roadways, down 40 from last year. Attributing this loss to the efforts of police officers and increased enforcement of seatbelt laws, Governor Haley also took the opportunity to announce a hopeful increase in the number of Highway Patrol officers.

For those upstate, however, the story is different: rather than showing a decrease, upstate districts have shown an increase of seven fatalities this year compared to last. What, if any, potential explanations for this regional increase are not currently known.

Still, regardless of the relative increases or decreases in monthly or yearly fatality reports, driving will likely always be potentially dangerous. While the goal is to get injuries and deaths as close to zero as is possible, they continue to happen now and will likely do so in the near future.

Partially for the purposes of encouraging safe driving, there are legal systems in place to punish those who drive negligently or recklessly, threatening others welfare. One of these legal possibilities is the potential for those who cause accidents to be held financially liable to the victim, potentially being ordered to pay for the cost of anything ranging from the cost of medical injuries, loss of wages or even a sum for pain and suffering.

Source: WSPA.COM, "Highway Fatalities Down in SC, But Not in Upstate," Robert Kittle, Oct. 24, 2012

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