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November 2012 Archives

Drunk driving accident kills teen and injures family members

As the holiday season approaches, many people are traveling to visit family or to go on vacation. This increase of traffic on the roadways unfortunately often results in an increase of traffic accidents. Sadly, a fatal drunk driving accident recently occurred in South Carolina as a family was travelling through the state on their way to Florida for a Thanksgiving cruise.

Man files medical malpractice suit after billing, surgical errors

Some South Carolina residents have likely been victims of medical carelessness at the hands of their physicians or other medical staff. Having a doctor perform a surgical error on a patient is bad enough. Having to pay for an unnecessary surgery is outrageous and can leave the patient and his or her family with even more pain and suffering than before. A Texas man is well aware of this type of trauma and is suing his doctor for medical malpractice.

Woman dies in tragic pedestrian accident while raking

When thinking about the typical areas for a pedestrian accident to occur, several common incidents may come to mind: an unseen walker side-swiped at an intersection or perhaps a person on the shoulder of a road hit by a car. While the location of these accidents does not make them justifiable, it perhaps makes them more understandable. However, the same cannot be said for a recent accident that occurred in Greenville in which a woman was struck and killed by an out-of-control vehicle while she and her husband were raking leaves in their yard.

Halloween serves as reminder for pedestrian safety

For many people in South Carolina, Halloween is an exciting holiday where children and adults alike can dress up into a costume and have some fun collecting candy or relaxing with friends. But, amidst the revelry there is a truly worrisome fact: Halloween is one of the worst days for pedestrian accidents in the country, especially for children. In a study conducted by the Safe Kids Worldwide organization, it was found that nearly double the amount of children die in pedestrian accidents on Halloween than any other day.

Deadly South Carolina accidents down, except for upstate

There is some good news for many South Carolina residents: according to a recent report from Governor Nikki Haley and the Department of Public Safety, the number of fatal car accidents occurring on the highway system is down in most parts of the state. Bucking a nine percent national upward trend in fatal car crashes during the first six months of the year, South Carolina has shown a six percent decrease.

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