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18-year-old charged in fatal drunk driving crash

Driving under the influence is dangerous, regardless of who is driving. When an individual who is intoxicated and unfit to drive gets behind the wheel of an automobile, they pose a serious risk to the public. This has been proven once again in a case from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where an 18-year-old male from Conway caused a fatal drunk driving accident, which took the life of a 52-year-old Columbia man.

The accident occurred early Saturday morning on U.S. Highway 17 Business, when a sport utility vehicle driven by the 18-year-old crossed the median and collided head on with a van. It is currently unknown who was driving the van at the time of collision, but there was a 52-year old passenger as well as nearly half a dozen other people. When the two vehicles collided, both were overturned, shutting down traffic for hours afterwards.

All members of the van were transported to local hospitals to receive medical treatment. The 52-year-old died as a result of injuries sustained in the accident. The conditions of the other passengers is currently unknown.

This scenario highlights some of the worst potential outcomes of a drunk-driving accident, but unfortunately this type of occurrence is all too common. There may be little emotional respite gained in knowing the drivers responsible for a drunk driving accident can be held financially responsible for the serious injury or death of a family member, but the information is important nonetheless.

For those injured in accidents, compensation can cover issues such as pain and suffering, loss of wages, short and long-term medical costs, as well as others. Funeral costs and lost income can be claimed by the family of individuals killed in an accident as well.

Source: SFGate, "SC Teen charged with felony drunk driving," Sept. 23, 2012

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