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South Carolina leads nation in dangerous roads

South Carolinians should take note of a recent study which showed that South Carolina has the most dangerous highways of any state in the nation. The study, which was done by, compiled data from safety reports. Instead of only focusing on one specific safety factor, the data included multiple ones such as the level of federal funding for roadways, the prevalence of seat belt use, the safety of state bridges, as well as the measurement of roadway fatalities from car accidents.

The findings were then compiled into a cumulative score and each state was ranked from best to worst. South Carolina was ranked worst in the nation, 50th of 50, with a score of 241 points. The next closest state was Florida with 204 points. According to the vice president of communications for AAA, the results were not surprising. He indicated that there is a lax approach to roadway safety in the state.

For instance, he noted that the state was last in the nation to take legislative action against drunk driving. Furthermore, the state has lagged behind in implementing laws for seat belt use. Additionally, South Carolina consistently has a high number of drunk driving fatalities as well as a high number of fatalities per mile.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of police enforcement and presence, as well as the need for strict laws, highway safety may continue to be a problem in South Carolina. In the meantime, drivers must do what they can to avoid roadway perils by driving safely.

Yet, sometimes even those who abide by roadway rules and drive cautiously cannot avoid being in an accident caused by another driver's negligent behavior. Drivers could benefit by investigating the legal options they have should a car accident occur. They may be able to receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering and other costs. Understanding these options could prove helpful should the worst occur.

Source:, "Study: SC highways 'most dangerous' in nation," Amanda Kelley, Sept. 6, 2012

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