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September 2012 Archives

Pedestrian hit by car on Columbia sidewalk

Many pedestrian accidents occur when a vehicle strikes an individual attempting to cross a walkway or perhaps hits someone walking on the shoulder of a road at night. A recent pedestrian accident in Columbia took place somewhere more unusual: a sidewalk.

Lexington Co., South Carolina DUI enforcement: bartenders beware

Police officers in the Lexington County area will begin to increase their enforcement against drunk driving by targeting what they see as a major contributor to the act: drinking establishments. While many bar and restaurant owners may be proactive in keeping their intoxicated patrons off the road, it's not always the case. Because of South Carolina's dram shop liability laws, those who don't could find themselves in serious legal trouble.

South Carolina leads nation in dangerous roads

South Carolinians should take note of a recent study which showed that South Carolina has the most dangerous highways of any state in the nation. The study, which was done by, compiled data from safety reports. Instead of only focusing on one specific safety factor, the data included multiple ones such as the level of federal funding for roadways, the prevalence of seat belt use, the safety of state bridges, as well as the measurement of roadway fatalities from car accidents.

South Carolina man allegedly involved in deadly DUI crash

One man has been killed and two others injured by a drunk driver in a tragic drunk driving accident which occurred outside of Newberry. One driver, who was under the influence, has been charged with DUI and more charges are expected.

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