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Police car involved in Mt. Pleasant car crash

It seems that even police officers are not beyond making mistakes while behind the wheel of an automobile. While driving near downtown Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, a car belonging to the College of Charleston was rear ended by a police car.

While the auto accident is still being investigated by the South Carolina Highway Patrol, some details are known. The College of Charleston vehicle was travelling eastward near downtown Mt. Pleasant on I-26 when it slowed down due to traffic. The police car, which was driving behind the vehicle, presumably did not slow down fast enough and rear ended the car.

There are no current reports of injuries, serious or otherwise, from either vehicle. This is a thankful occurrence, because oftentimes car crashes such as these can result in the injury of drivers or passengers in any vehicle involved. People can suffer injured spinal cords from being rear-ended. In some instances, these injuries can end up having life-long consequences that require costly medical attention.

While this accident is under investigation and the reasons for the crash are unknown, a common cause of accidents is negligence. While it takes various forms, such as driving sleep deprived or while using a mobile phone, many times the root of the problem is a driver who is not paying adequate attention to their driving.

When someone is injured in an accident, understanding the legal options open to them is important, especially if they need funds to cover the costs associated with the accident. Through a personal injury lawsuit, those injured may be able to obtain compensation to help with short and long term medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Source: Live 5 WCSC, "Mt. Pleasant police officer involved in accident near downtown," Aug. 7, 2012

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