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June 2012 Archives

Tragic Hartsville accident leaves three dead, two injured

It is a well known fact that driving motor vehicles can be dangerous, especially when driven by drivers who are intoxicated or negligent. However, people driving on the road at any given moment do not think that they are about to be the victim of a car accident. That is the mindset that some people have when driving, and it may contribute to them causing or becoming victims of serious car accidents. This may have been the case in an accident which took place near Hartsville, South Carolina, last week that left three people dead and two injured.

Pedestrian hit and killed by oncoming car near Rock Hill

The human body is not made to withstand the impact from a car crash, which makes serious injury or death a likely outcome from any collision between the two. It is often the case that such accidents result in brain injury or spinal cord injury, both with potentially fatal outcomes. Unfortunately, a recent pedestrian accident that occurred in Rock Hill resulted in the death of a 22-year-old man.

Police begin "Operation Roadcheck" to increase safety

Police in South Carolina are beginning "Operation Roadcheck," a safety program created to protect drivers by ramping up law enforcement on commercial trucks. And there is good reason, since police citations to truck drivers for traffic infractions have already reached nearly 15,250 compared to the roughly 16,900 that were issued throughout all of 2011. Because truck accidents on the roadway were responsible for the deaths of 86 people last year, this increase in safety checks may also help save lives.

Study reveals that South Carolina has big gaps in safety policies

The safety improvements that have been made to passenger vehicles in the last several decades have made a positive impact in terms of people's survival rates: seat belts, air bags and other passive or active safety devices on vehicles have definitely made a difference. But for all the safety initiatives, if the drivers of those vehicles choose to make unsafe choices, then much of the positive impact can be negated.

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