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Piedmont pedestrian killed when he's hit by a car

In what serves as a stark reminder of the inherent danger of the roadways, a pedestrian was fatally hit by a car earlier this month in Piedmont, South Carolina. According to local police officers investigating the incident, the pedestrian was crossing the road and stepped in front of a Toyota truck heading eastbound.

The pedestrian was transported to a nearby hospital with severe injuries that resulted in his death. The driver involved in the accident was reportedly unharmed, and the crash was under investigation by the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

This incident illustrates an obvious fact: pedestrians are significantly more vulnerable to serious injury or death when involved in an accident with an automobile. The medical consequences of a pedestrian accident for those who survive are often incredibly serious, including fractures, brain injuries or spinal cord injuries.

The short- and long-term financial costs associated with recovering from the potentially crippling results of a car accident can be overwhelming. In incidents like this, victims are often eligible for legal compensation.

Typically, legal compensation for these types of incidents can include both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include the costs associated with medical procedures, physical therapy, or loss of future wages. Non-economic damages include things such as compensation for pain and suffering or loss of the quality of life.

The determination for the extent of compensation a victim is eligible for depends on a variety of issues such as the details of the accident, the extent of hardship suffered by the individual, and the predicted costs for future medical expenditures.

Source: Anderson Independent Mail, "Pedestrian dies after being hit by car in Piedmont," March 12, 2012

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