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Deadly Spartanburg County accident caused by alleged drunk driver

In a tragic turn of events, an alleged drunk driving accident in Spartanburg County resulted in a catastrophe. The accident happened when two vehicles heading west on Drayton Road collided with each other, sending one vehicle into the eastbound lane where it was struck by another car in a head-on collision. One driver was pronounced dead at the scene, and two others were hospitalized at Spartanburg Regional with serious injuries.

When people are killed or seriously injured in a drunk driving accident, the personal suffering and costs associated with the accident can be hard to bear. However, compensation may be obtainable for such things as pain and suffering, loss of wages, medical costs, wrongful death and more.

In addition to these forms of compensation, which a lawyer could help you determine in full detail, punitive damages are an option in drunk driving cases. Punitive damages are a form of compensation that serves as a punishment to the offender as a consequence of the negligent behavior.

Dram shop liability may also come into legal consideration in your case if it can be shown that the drunk driver responsible for your accident was served alcohol while clearly intoxicated. This means that an institution that sells alcohol could be deemed partially liable in your case.

It is an unfortunate reality that drunk drivers can do irreversible damage to the lives of others on the road. But victims of drunk drivers have rights under the law and should know what forms of compensation may be available to help ease the burdens associated with such a traumatic event.

Source: WSPA, "Bond Denied For Woman Charged In Deadly Spartanburg Co. Wreck," Feb. 8, 2012

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