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Reckless driving causes another car accident in Greenvile, 5 hurt

Reckless driving continues to rear its ugly head on Greenville roadways. One moment an individual can be minding his or her own business, perhaps on the way home from a Saturday night movie or a restaurant dinner. And in the next instant, their life can be significantly altered by the inconsiderate, even egregious actions of another. One evening last month, that accident scenario appears to have played out yet again.

While details are still scarce, this much is known. The driver of a Saturn rear-ended another vehicle on Wade Hampton Boulevard. Thereafter, the Saturn collided with another vehicle, flipping it onto its side. In all, five people were rushed to the hospital where their updated condition was not immediately known. South Carolina Highway Patrol charged the operator of the Saturn with reckless driving.

The first thought is for the safety and recovery of all persons injured in the car accident. Presumably, authorities will continue to investigate, though the fact that they already cited the driver indicates they appear to know the details behind the accident. Nevertheless, the victims and their families will also want to know exactly what happened.

South Carolina law specifically provides for the right of victims seriously injured due to the negligent or reckless conduct of another to recover monetary damages for their loss. Any such claim may be made against the driver as well as any separate owner of the car which he or she was driving. A Greenville attorney well versed in personal injury law and procedure may help get the necessary answers and prosecute claims against all wrongdoers to hold them accountable for their negligent or reckless behavior.

Source: Wyff4, "Late Night Crash Sends 5 People To Hospital," Richard Holt, Oct. 9, 2011

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