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Accident aftermath results in death on South Carolina highway

Walking or standing on or near Interstate highways can be dangerous. Not only are vehicles driving fast, many drivers briefly turn their attention away from the road whether it be to change the radio station, grab their cell phone, or for many other reasons. What some don't realize is that even a split second's inattention could have disastrous results. This could be the case in a car accident that took place in Greenville County's neighbor, Spartanburg County, earlier this month.

A 69-year-old pedestrian died after being struck on the side of Interstate 26 around 8:30 p.m. last month. The South Carolina Highway Patrol is conducting an accident investigation, and according to a Highway Patrol officer, the man was standing near the 73 mile marker behind a vehicle that had been damaged in a previous crash.

It was not disclosed whether or not the man owned that vehicle, though it appears he may have been using it to protect himself from oncoming traffic. For reasons unknown, a truck veered off the highway and hit the vacant car, and the car then struck the victim. The man received medical treatment at a local hospital but died the next day.

If the victim had survived, he would certainly be encouraged by legal counsel to look into whether or not he would be entitled to compensation for this incident. Nevertheless, his spouse may be entitled to recover monetary damages for the negligent actions of others contributing to his death. The man's family may benefit from consulting a Greenville County attorney experienced in all aspects of personal injury and wrongful death claims in South Carolina. Although no amount of money will replace their deceased loved one, the family may achieve some small measure of justice by holding negligent parties responsible for their misdeeds.

Source: Greenville News, "Troopers: Man killed standing on Interstate," Sept. 15, 2011

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