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September 2011 Archives

Nine hospitalized after car crash

Many times a car accident results in severe injury or death. Fortunately, this was recently averted in Greenville County's neighbor, Pickens County. Nine high school students on their way to school were injured when a car crash occurred outside Liberty High School. One vehicle is said to have turned in front of another, causing the car accident.

Head-on car accident sends three to hospital in Greenville

The school year has recently begun, parents and their children routinely get up early to prepare for the day, and carpoolers often find themselves trying to get ahead of rush-hour traffic on their way into work. All the while, commuters are unsuspecting of the dangers that could lie ahead. Recently, a car accident in Greenville County sent three people to the hospital and resulted in criminal charges for one.

5-year-old Greenville County boy injured in crash

A Greenville County motor vehicle accident involving a truck is not always the fault of the driver of the larger vehicle. Yet, the fact a truck was involved in the accident often results in serious injuries. While the injuries may have been a result of the impact with the truck, there are times the driver of the car is the negligent party. Regardless, of who is involved in an accident, when a child passenger is injured, often the first thought of concern is for his or her safe recovery.

Greenville man dies in accident, victims may seek damages

Sometimes, the cause of a car accident remains a mystery despite every investigative effort. Thus, it is possible that the loved ones of people victimized in a crash will never know what caused the car accident to take place. A Greenville, South Carolina, man died in a tragic car accident of his own doing last week and so far no one has been able to determine what happened.

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