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Pedestrian accident involving truck kills local man

Accidents resulting in a fatality or serious injury are tragedies, whether they occur here in Greenville County or any place across South Carolina. When an accident involves a semi-truck, the outcome is rarely good. The laws in our state require that drivers operate their vehicles in a safe, observant and prudent manner. Pedestrian accidents involving a tractor-trailer aren't heard of often but generally have tragic results.

Last month, a 56-year-old Greenville County man was killed by a tractor-trailer on Bessie Road. Details are sketchy, but police say the victim was at home with his family when an argument began over his drinking. The man left his home at around 10:15 p.m. and began walking down Bessie Road. He died 10 minutes later, struck down by tractor-trailer.

Reports state that he suffered severe blunt force injuries that resulted in the fatality. Witnesses who called 911 apparently said they saw the victim walking down the road and some indicated he may have even been sitting in the roadway before the accident.

Pedestrian accidents causing the sudden death of a loved one leave the family and friends to grieve and deal with the shock and aftermath of the tragedy. In the span of not more than 15 minutes, a life is lost and the fabric of a family changed forever.

Personal injury law in South Carolina can feel perplexing and intimidating to many, especially to those already reeling from a personal tragedy. An attorney with experience in handling pedestrian accidents will provide direction in a time of loss.

Source: WYFF4, "Troopers: Pedestrian Hit, Killed By Tractor-Trailer," July 29, 2011

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