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August 2011 Archives

Pedestrian accident involving truck kills local man

Accidents resulting in a fatality or serious injury are tragedies, whether they occur here in Greenville County or any place across South Carolina. When an accident involves a semi-truck, the outcome is rarely good. The laws in our state require that drivers operate their vehicles in a safe, observant and prudent manner. Pedestrian accidents involving a tractor-trailer aren't heard of often but generally have tragic results.

Drunk driving crash kills unsuspecting woman

A drunk driving accident that claims the life of an innocent driver makes us all stop and shake our heads. We read about them every day in Greenville and throughout South Carolina. Recently a woman was killed by a teenage boy, motoring down the wrong side of an interstate on a Saturday night, just about midnight.

Car crash claims one life in Greenville

Sometimes it is difficult to turn on the television to watch the Greenville news. It seems the opening stories too often involve motor vehicle accidents. But when a car accident involves a tractor-trailer, the devastating consequences can be amplified. The sheer size and weight of these massive vehicles often means that, a would-be minor accident becomes a tragic collision. According to members of the South Carolina Highway Patrol in Greenville, a car accident involving two cars and an 18 wheeler claimed the life of one man last week.

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