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Teen charged in drunk driving accident in Greenville

When a youth turns 18, while they still may be a "teenager", the legal system views them as an adult that is capable of making responsible decisions. Teenagers don't always make the best choices. Although, it is hopeful that once a bad decision is made, the individual learns from that mistake; hopefully not to make it again. A young Greenville man obviously did not learn from his mistake the first time and now someone has died.

An 18-year-old Greenville man has been brought up on criminal charges following a drunk driving accident that claimed the life of one of his passengers.

The charges are in conjunction with the aforementioned alcohol related accident, which took place on March 18 of last year. The defendant reportedly flipped his vehicle, causing serious injury to three passengers and claiming the life of another.

Police state that the young man had initially been brought up on DWI charges, but the charges were later dismissed on what has been called a "strategic move" by the prosecutor's.

Unfortunately, these charges are not the first the teen has faced; he was convicted of driving after underage consumption last December, and was serving 18 months probation at the time of the crash.

Court documents confirm that a county grand jury indicted the young man on a number of serious charges, including second-degree murder, DWI and underage consumption. He also faces charges of driving on a revoked license, felony hit-and-run involving death and driving after consuming while less than 21. The penalties associated with a conviction could include prison time and monetary reparation, as well as supervised release.

There is currently no court date set in the drunk driving accident case.

The families of the young person that was killed as well as those passengers that were injured will more than likely have expenses because of this accident. They may have to tap into valuable savings to cover these unexpected costs, or worse yet, not have the funds available at all. The injured passengers may even be facing injuries that could have long term ramifications.

An attorney with experience in personal injury may be able to provide answers to the numerous questions they may have, as well as provide insight to any legal processes they may need to initiate.

Source: WITN, "Teen Indicted In Fatal 5th Street Crash," 29 June 2011

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