When Medical Professionals Are Negligent

When you go to an emergency room, visit a doctor's office, or have surgery, you expect the best of care from medical professionals and medical facilities. Sadly, sometimes that is not the case. If you are injured because of poor or negligent care, you may need a medical malpractice attorney to make sure you get the care and compensation you are entitled to.

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Helping You Obtain Compensation For Your Injuries

Our firm focuses solely on protecting the rights of injured people. Our attorneys, investigators and entire staff are focused on helping injured people obtain the medical and financial compensation that will help them get back to a normal life.

Medical errors happen in a number of ways and in all phases of patient care. For example:

  • Emergency room errors can occur when doctors and staff fail to properly diagnose injuries.
  • Misfilled prescriptions: nurses or pharmacists may inadvertently provide incorrect medication or fail to provide the proper dosage.
  • Surgeons may make errors that cause serious, and sometimes fatal, injuries
  • Doctors sometimes fail to provide the proper care for a patient's condition, even though they have properly diagnosed the condition.

What Happens When Doctors Do Not Follow The Standard Of Care?

Standard of care is the basic measurement of the adequacy of medical care. For a health care provider, meeting the standard of care involves using the correct procedures for diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries. While the law recognizes that doctors, nurses and other medical providers do not guarantee successful treatment, it does require that medical practitioners provide proper care to their patients.

If the care provided does not meet the standard, medical providers, including doctors, nurses and hospitals, are liable for the injuries and harm that result. These damages include loss of wages, additional medical treatment, and pain and suffering caused by negligent medical care.

If you feel you have not been given the required standard of care, contact the Philpot Law Firm, PA, to arrange a free consultation and discuss your potential medical malpractice claim.