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As a personal injury Attorney in Oklahoma, I highly recommend that other attorneys outside of South Carolina refer their clients to the Philpot Law Firm.

In January, 2002, I was contacted by a married couple from Tulsa, OK, who had been injured in a collision while visiting relatives in Greenville, South Carolina.

After the couple finished treating locally, I prepared, packaged and presented settlement brochures to the liability carrier. After taking over two months to evaluate the settlement brochures, the adjuster denied liability. This was unacceptable.

I contacted my clients and advised them that we would need to hire a law firm in Greenville, South Carolina to commence litigation. The clients agreed.

I began contacting law firms in the Greenville area. I was looking for an aggressive personal injury law firm, one who would file suit and move the case forward to trial. After talking with several law firms in the Greenville area, I recommended the Philpot Law Firm to my clients.

Once my clients signed the attorney-client contract with the Philpot Law Firm, I had minimal involvement in the case. Throughout the litigation, I received updates as to the progress of the litigation, and the clients were kept informed by the Philpot Law Firm. And this was a long distance relationship!

All parties were deposed in October and November, 2004, and the case was set for trial in early 2005. In December of 2004, on the eve of Mediation, the case was settled with both the liability and UM carriers.

My clients are very pleased with both the quality of services received from, and the results obtained by, the Philpot Law Firm. My clients have enthusiastically thanked me for referring them to the Philpot Law Firm.

It is nice to know that I can, without reservation, recommend to other out-of-state personal injury attorneys the Philpot Law Firm.

"The Rode Law Firm, PLLC"
Signed: Robert Rode

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