Traumatic brain injuries can lead to uncertain recoveries

South Carolina drivers know how dangerous is can be to travel on the state's busy roadways. As more drivers take to these roads, the risk of a potential accident only increases. Motorists may take steps to protect themselves while driving, but they cannot control the actions of other drivers.

When a motor vehicle accident occurs, drivers and the occupants of their vehicles often are unaware what to do next. Many accidents simply involve damage to vehicles, which can take time to resolve. However, when those individuals involved in the accident suffer injuries, they should seek treatment as soon as possible.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are just one of the potentially devastating results of a car or truck accident. After the collision, those inside the vehicle may suffer a secondary impact. This can be a person hitting a dashboard or windshield, and may also occur when an individual is slammed back into his or her seat.

TBIs range in severity from something as minor as a concussion to an injury that will require life-long care. It can be difficult to tell how serious these brain injuries are, and can take some time to adequately diagnose. Symptoms such as nausea, memory loss or headaches may not appear until long after the accident. Even after diagnosis, the effect of the injury may be impossible to predict. Doctors may be unable to determine the extent of the recovery for those with TBIs.

Motorists injured by other drivers may be able to collect compensation for medical bills or other expenses that resulted. Insurance companies may try to settle these claims quickly after the crash, in the hopes that those involved in the accident will resolve their case for less than it is worth.

If the injury requires more extensive care and rehabilitation, as will often be the case with more serious TBIs, the costs for this treatment will quickly add up. Motorists need to be sure that the extent of their injuries is established before settling any claims that they may have. Once a case has been settled, it is extremely difficult to recover additional compensation for injuries sustained in the accident.

Motorists injured in car or truck accidents should speak to an experienced personal injury attorney about their potential claims. Each accident will need to be examined to determine what factors led to the accident. The sooner you speak with an attorney, the better, because it can help preserve crucial information about the crash. If you wait too long, it could be difficult to find witnesses or evidence that could be necessary to support your claims at a trial.