South Carolina Personal Injury Attorney Negotiates Large Settlement for Car Accident Victims

RELEASED: Sep. 4, 2013


Working hard to gain a favorable result for clients is what Eric H. Philpot of the Philpot Law Firm, PA, does on a daily basis. Recently, the strong advocacy of Philpot earned three family members a large settlement from the Anderson County Sherriff's office after they were injured in an unfortunate car accident.

In 2011, a deputy from the Anderson County Sherriff's office attempted to stop a speeding Cadillac on a South Carolina highway. However, the driver of the vehicle evaded the officer. Approximately seven miles from the start of the chase, the Cadillac crossed the center of the road and collided into oncoming traffic, striking an oncoming car that held the three victims.

Having suffered severe injuries, the three victims were transported to a local hospital. The speeding motorist was apprehended after the accident and ultimately faced charges relating to the crash.

Upon reviewing the circumstances of the case, Philpot immediately undertook an investigation of the matter to obtain the best possible result for the injured family. Initially, Philpot sought and obtained almost $43,000 for the victims from a minimum limits policy. However, after looking into the underinsured motorist waiver, he managed to secure an additional $100,000 of recovery for the family.

Seeking to uncover all avenues of relief to help the family manage the fallout from the accident, including substantial medical bills, Philpot filed a lawsuit against the Anderson County Sherriff's Office on behalf of the family for their role in the accident. Despite some initial roadblocks, Philpot successfully negotiated a $400,000 settlement during mediation with the Anderson County Sherriff's Office for the family.

This was a huge success for plaintiffs, as Anderson County Sheriff's office is a governmental entity whose liability is capped at $300,000 per individual and $600,000 per occurrence. These caps make it difficult to get a governmental entity to settle for a substantial amount. Nevertheless, because the firm put in strong efforts via depositions, discovery and mediation, it locked a significant settlement in mediation, convincing the defendants that it was in their best interest to pay the plaintiffs that specific amount of money. For the family, it was a great outcome - especially in such a conservative venue. The family can now turn their full attention to moving forward with their lives.

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